STEM Goes Red

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What is STEM Goes Red?

STEM Goes Red is designed to provide young girls insights into the possibilities and potential they possess to make a real impact on the world around them. Our goals are to:

  • Engage young women and mentors in STEM Goes Red
  • Increase the number of women pursuing STEM degrees in higher education
  • Close the gender gap in STEM jobs
  • Arm students with tools and resources to experience good health and well-being

Why STEM Goes Red?

As cardiovascular disease continues to be the number one killer of women, ensuring more women are at the forefront of developing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) solutions has never been more imperative. STEM is our future and as a science-based health non-profit, STEM is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

America's STEM workforce is at the forefront for ideation, patent creation, science and research, and innovation that is vital to today’s economy and tomorrow’s future. From the chemistry of cosmetics to the technology of e-commerce; from the way we communicate to the way we consume information and so much more – our daily lives are built on a STEM foundation. Unfortunately, a troubling gender gap exists in STEM, from the lack of women pursuing STEM-related degrees to the number of women in STEM careers. Opportunities are lacking for too many bright young women of diverse backgrounds. The AHA is working to close these opportunity gaps through STEM Goes Red.

What does STEM Goes Red entail?

STEM Goes Red features a day-long event intended to inspire an extraordinary group of local elementary to high school girls to explore STEM outside the classroom while also learning how to take charge of their health and well-being through Go Red. Students, mentors and professional attendees have the opportunity to hear insightful talks from leading innovators on industry trends, network and make memorable connections with others, glean invaluable insights into women’s health, and fight the #1 killer of women – heart disease.

STEM Goes Red is featured in the following cities:

Atlanta, GA 
Austin, TX
Boston, MA 
Cedar Rapids, IA
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL 
Cincinnati, OH 
Cleveland, OH
Columbus, OH
Dallas, TX 
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI 
Dutchess County, NY
Jacksonville, FL
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Los Angeles, CA
New Orleans, LA
New York City, NY
Northern New Jersey, NJ
Oklahoma City, OK
Orange County, CA - Get involved
Orlando, FL (s)
Pittsburgh, PA
Providence, RI
Raleigh, NC
Rochester, NY
San Antonio, TX
San Francisco, CA 
Seattle, WA 
Silicon Valley, CA
St. Louis, MO
Tampa, FL 
Tulsa, OK
Washington, D.C.

If you are interested in getting involved with STEM Goes Red, either as a mentor, a funder, or a general supporter, please contact


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