Go Red for Women Luncheons

group of people dining outside

Each year, tens of thousands of women come together at one of over 180 Go Red for Women luncheons in communities across the country, united by a common purpose to end heart disease and stroke in women.

Luncheons are a great way to get involved with the American Heart Association in your local community and truly make an impact. This annual signature event provides a platform for survivors to share their stories, for women to advocate on behalf of themselves and for others and create a local network of women who know they are not alone when it comes to heart disease and stroke.

But Go Red for Women in your local community is not your typical philanthropic event, it’s truly a lifesaving experience. No matter your purpose for joining us, whether you’re a survivor, a donor, a volunteer, or a guest of a friend or your company, attending a Go Red for Women luncheon will not only be fun and fulfilling, it just might be the one lunch that saves your life or the life of someone you love.

Find out what’s going on in your community with Go Red today!

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Strokes for Stroke

Art therapy can be part of rehabilitation for stroke patients and a useful stress-relieving tool.Try this - color or paint this page with your non-dominant hand to experience how stroke patients must sometimes relearn how to use these muscles.