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We are united in purpose.
We have opened our hearts.
We share our influence.
We are the Circle of Red.

Circle of Red Member Camille

What Is The Circle Of Red?

The Circle of Red is a society of women who are in the fight against heart disease to win.

Located in communities throughout the United States, Circle of Red members use their influence, generosity, and ambassadorship to help increase awareness of heart disease—the leading cause of death for women—and to inspire women to take charge of their heart health.
Many members have lost dear friends and loved ones to heart disease. They know what’s at stake. As front line advocates for the cause, Circle of Red members not only help save lives, but give meaning and fulfillment to their own lives and those they touch.

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Why Join Circle of Red?

Team up with other passionate leaders in your community who are on a mission to flat line heart disease.

As a Circle of Red member, you’ll attend special events and VIP experiences where you’ll learn, lead, and advocate for heart health. You’ll mentor students. You’ll raise funds for lifesaving science and community-changing programs.

Plus, there are so many surprises in store for Circle of Red members. In short, you’ll be a catalyst for real, positive change for women’s heart health in your community and beyond.

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Liz Elting Entrepreneur. Multi-linguist. Dog lover. Circle of Red member

Featured Circle of Red Members

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Christine Katziff, Mom, dog lover, advocate

Christine Katziff

Charlotte, NC

Circle of Red Member Hargrove Young

Delores Hargrove Young

Cincinnati, OH


Amy Simmons

Austin, TX

Angie Sklenka – Charlotte, NC

Angie Sklenka

Charlotte, NC